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Conditions of Service Contract

  1. SolarX shall furnish the materials and or labour specified in this contract. Any changes made from the above specifications necessitating additional material or labour shall not be included or covered by this proposal, but shall be provided for under a written job change authorization signed by the customer. Any surplus materials remaining upon the completion of the installation shall remain the property of and be returned to SolarX.
  2. The customer by accepting SolarX offer, warrants that there are no violations of any zoning, building codes or regulations, laws or ordinances of duly constituted public authorities.
  3. The amount of SolarX offer does not include the furnishings of any materials or labour necessitated by the occurrence of unforseen circumstances subsequent to the date of the proposal or to any condition not readily discernible at the date of this proposal and SolarX shall have the right, in addition to any other rights it may have to cease any installation which has begun and or cancel this agreement and recover the reasonable value of the materials and labour furnished to the date of cancellation, the reasonable value of such labour and materials to be based on SolarX current retail prices thereof and labour charges of any SolarX subcontractors who is performing any part of the installation. Unforeseeable circumstances or not readily discernable conditions above referred to shall include, but shall not be limited to, 1- subsequent destruction, damage or loss of the premises or materials furnished by SolarX by fire, explosion, acts of God, theft or vandalism unless caused by SolarX negligence, 2- governmental regulation or intervention, 3- discovery of inadequate or damaged glazing of framing systems, unless specifically stated in the specifications above.
  4. SolarX shall not be liable for any delays in the completion of an installation resulting from or due to labour difficulties, strikes, acts of God, fire, explosion, governmental regulations or causes beyond the control of SolarX.
  5. SolarX will repair or replace any faulty film or installation according to the terms of the applicable product warranty, supplied in writing to the customer. Said warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed implied or statutory. In no even shall SolarX’ liability for damages whether under warranty or otherwise exceeded the cost of repair replacement of defective materials or workmanship.
  6. The customer agrees that SolarX will not be liable for glass breakage from any cause whatsoever, except accidental breakage that may have been caused by a SolarX installer at the time of installation. The customer acknowledges that it has been advised by SolarX that breakage of glass can occur upon the application of the window film and in particular in the following circumstances: -
    1. If the glass edges are defective, damaged or cracked beneath the window frame;
    2. If the window frame is not fitted correctly to industry standards; and
    3. If the glass characteristics exceed the parameters of the glass stress test to be undertaken by SolarX on behalf of the customer if required.
  7. The proposal, any attached specifications sketches and blueprints, and the credit agreement, if any, shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties. Oral understandings and agreements with representatives shall not be binding unless set forth herein.
  8. Buyer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and legal and other expenses incurred by the seller while enforcing its rights hereunder.


  1. Any quotes relevant to construction sites with site allowances where an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement is applicable will need to allow $250 per worker per day on site.
  2. Any induction longer than 30 minutes will be charged for at $80 per half hour per installer. If a Union site, $100 per half hour per installer.
  3. If we are requested to attend a site that is: -
    1. Not ready for film installation (i.e. Sanding taking place),
    2. Glass has not yet been installed,
    3. Or a situation occurs preventing us from completing an installation (i.e. A meeting in the relevant room);
      Then a call-out fee of $500 per installer allocated per day will be charged.
  4. Once a job has been booked in, any cancellation made up to 72 hours before the booked day will incur a charge of $500 per installer allocated, per day. Please also note it may take up to 14 days for the job to be rebooked. If the job is completely cancelled, the film, having already been prepped, will be charged for.
  5. If we must move furniture, fittings or other items, we will take all care but cannot accept any liability for any damage inadvertently caused. Our quote is based on allowing us reasonable access to the area. If we experience delays of more than 15 minutes, down time will be charged at the rate of $90 per hour per person. All computer equipment must be turned off and moved 2 meters away from the glass. If this is not possible, we will take all due care, but cannot accept any responsibility for any damage.

Cleaning Instructions

Do not clean the film for at least four weeks after installation.

  • Use a spray, synthetic sponge or a moist cloth to apply the cleaning solution. Warm water and detergent, methylated spirits and water or conventional window cleaning solution may be used. Do not use any brushes or abrasives in the cleaning process, as they will scratch the film.
  • Dry with a good quality rubber squeegee, chamois or a moist soft cloth. Dry the edges thoroughly.

Polyester film is a tough wear resistant product, but its surface is not as hard as glass, and therefore can be damaged by abrasive cleaners and improper treatment.

Cleaning Instructions

Initially you may notice that film is not optically perfect. It could appear hazy and milky and the surface may have an “orange peel” effect or even quite large bubbles. This is no cause for alarm. It is in fact a normal part of the drying process. After the adhesive has cured, the apparent imperfections will disappear. This process will take three to thirty days.

During this process, the film is performing in the same manner as it will when the adhesive is fully cured. Do not touch the film until the curing process is finished and do not wash it until it has been on the glass for at least four weeks. The small border of light which you see around the edge of each sheet of film is an edge trim of approximately 1.5 to 3 millimetres. The gap is a safety margin to ensure the complete sealing of the film to the glass and to allow for expansion and contraction of the glass. Sometimes the customer feels that he sees a defect in the film when in fact it is the glass itself. It is quite natural to look closely at a new purchase, but because we generally look through the glass not at it, it is quite possible to see imperfections which have always been in the glass, but were never noticed before. A good rule is to look at the installation from 3 metres away. This is the distance which has been accepted by the United States glass industry as the viewing distance for the appraisal of reflective glass windows.


We recommend that you notify your insurance company that our product has been applied to your windows, so that in the even of a breakage, both the cost of the glass and the coating are covered. We have found that most companies do not require any additional premium for this cover.


All invoices are to be paid upon completion unless otherwise specified by SolarX Pty Ltd management. Should you fail to pay your invoices by the due date then we may charge interest on any overdue invoice at the penalty rate fixed under the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983 (Victoria), calculated and compounded daily, from the due date until the invoice is paid in full. The buyer shall also pay all our costs and expenses incurred legally in the recovery or attempted recovery of the overdue amount from you.


You agree to our payment terms and agree that any dispute in relation to invoice(s) must be made in writing within 30 days of installation.

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SolarX was established in 1983 having a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer, they are a proud reputable distributor for 3M Australia and experts in supply and installation of window films in Australia.

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