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Solar Control Window Films

Solar Control Like No Other

The experienced team at SolarX understands the need for long lasting and cost-effective commercial window tinting. Our endeavour to provide only the highest quality products underpins our reputation as a leading supplier of decorative window film in Melbourne. Apart from our solar tint and solar control solutions, we also distribute security window film, window graphics, window frosting, the 3M DI NOC range and glazing film services.

Protect your investments with our solar control solutions. Fabrics, wallpaper and wood floors, photos and other valuables will fade when unfiltered sunlight shines through your windows. Save money with our range of 3M film that enhance the comfort of your home all year round by reducing your air conditioning costs. Our 3M films help reduce up to 78% of the sun’s heat that comes through the window by reflecting it away from your home. Solar control by SolarX will ensure you enjoy peace of mind

The 3M Prestige Range

Buying a house and erecting a building are significant investments for individuals and businesses alike. Sunlight filtering through your windows day after day can damage the furniture and atmosphere inside your house or office. With 3M Prestige window film products, you can enjoy the benefits of a world-class window tinting while leaving the beauty of your home or office virtually unchanged.

Most other brands function to only repel sunlight at a perpendicular angle. 3M’s Prestige commercial window tinting functions to repel sunlight when the sun is high in the sky (during the hottest parts of the day). Optically clear and technically superior, 3M Prestige can protect your investments and save you money.

Solar Control Blinds

SolarX provides quality commercial window tinting and now supplies Solar Blinds to add to our extensive range of window furnishings. Solar Blinds are ideal for areas that require protection from high levels of heat, glare and UV exposure. They are made up of roller blind technology with matching metal chain mechanisms (with plain lather finish only). The benefits of our Solar Blinds include: day time privacy, transparent view, protects interior furnishings from the sun, reduces air conditioning and heating costs, and they are durable enough to last for years.

About SolarX

SolarX was established in 1983 having a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer, they are a proud reputable distributor for 3M Australia and experts in supply and installation of window films in Australia.

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