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You don't need big metal bars on your windows for peace of mind.

For the month of June, for all Safety & Security film applications, we'll pay your insurance excess if an intruder makes it through your protected glass.*

3M™ Safety & Security films utilize tear-resistant technology to help prevent intruders from easily breaking your glass windows or doors and gaining entry to your building. Due to their advanced technology and stringent testing, 3M™ Security Films are up to 10 times thicker than standard film and have been tested and proven to deter burglars.^ Security film increases the safety of you and your family not only by slowing down or helping to deter burglars but also holding glass together in the event of spontaneous breakage.

Let us give you a helping hand

•     Installed on inside of the glass to keep intruders out

•     Upon force from the outside, the film will provide a physical barrier to entry by up to 2 minutes^

•     Even when punctured, the film will uphold its strength

•     Can assist with holding shattered glass together to avoid injury upon clean up

•     Invisible film also provides UV ray protection


*Terms and conditions are available on request. ^3M website:

Safety, Security & Anti-Graffiti Window Films

SolarX offers a range of safety, security and anti-graffiti commercial window tinting solutions. Because we are consultants, not sales people, we can offer the best advice on the most appropriate window film solutions for your requirements. We always ensure the right products are applied in the right way. Our products protect glass against vandalism, give windows added strength, protect from smash and grab and enable a high level of duty of care.

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Ultra Security Films

As an accredited supplier of 3M products, SolarX offers a comprehensive range of safety and security window film options to cover the widest variety of needs. Our Ultraflex security window film system can improve life safety and the overall performance of a 3M Ultra Safety/Security Film Window System. 3Ms Ultra Microlayered Security Films offer unique technology that substantially protects glass in an optically clear film just 0.15mm thick!

Safety Films

There are times when the world is a dangerous place. Hurricanes, tornadoes, sever winds, bomb blasts and even earthquakes can cause glass to shatter. During these disasters, 3M Safety Window Films help keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, will help keep out wind and rain.

Anti-Graffiti Films

Our anti-graffiti films utilise a new film technology that, once laminated to glass or Polycarbonate sheets will extend the life of your glazing. Anti-graffiti film is an abrasion and UV resistant clear polyester film, designed to upgrade and enhance the safety of glass and Polycarbonates. Applications include: school windows, hospitals, mental health facilities, jails/prisons, convenience stores, kiosks, shopping complexes and many other settings.


3M Safety & Security FIlms



Dear Brian,

On behalf of the Victorian Branch of the Jewellers Association I would like to congratulate you and your team on the many successful installations of the 3M protective film products you installed on our members jewellery store windows. The results of the closed door policy and the increased difficulty of breaking the protected 3M film covered glass windows has resulted in a slow down of crime against jewellery stores. 

At the time of writing the trade has been incident free for a couple of months. The Victorian Branch of the JAA can fully recommend this product to anyone looking to improve security with regard to glass windows.

Yours sincerely, 

Michael Oboler 


Victorian Branch JAA 

Find full testimonial here: Jewellers Association of Australia Testimonial

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SolarX was established in 1983 having a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer, they are a proud reputable distributor for 3M Australia and experts in supply and installation of window films in Australia.

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