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For the installation to proceed as smoothly as possible, you may find it helpful to carry out the preparatory tasks listed below.

Before Installation

Window sills and window treatments

Clear the window sills of any items, including pictures, plants and miscellaneous objects. Remove curtains or blinds, or hang them in a way that leaves the window unobstructed.


Move any furniture that may impede access to the windows at least one meter from the glass. If the Installer needs to move heavy furniture, this should be discussed and noted on the estimate agreement.

Air conditioning and heating

To limit the amount of dust and particles in the air, turn off the air conditioning and heating or close the vents around the windows scheduled for installation.

Floors and carpets

We recommend cleaning the floors and vacuuming the carpets the day before the installation to limit the chance of dust and particle contamination.


Pets should be kept outside during installation.


Before installation, inspect the windows. Pay attention for broken glass, windows that have come loose or areas that are uneven. Self-adhesive stickers, alarm systems and other elements that might affect installation will be discussed when preparing the estimate. This will allow the representative to take adequate measures and suggest the most suitable window film.

Broken glass

Let your representative know if any glass has been broken or if there have been previous problems with the windows. This information can help the representative to suggest the window film best suited for your need. Failing to provide this information could lead to a less suitable film being chosen and/or the warranty being cancelled.

After Installation

Window sills and window treatments

Clear the window sills of any items, including pictures, plants and miscellaneous objects. Remove curtains or blinds, or hang them in a way that leaves the window unobstructed.


It is necessary to leave a small gap between the edges of the film and the frame of the window. This allows the mounting solution that is used during the application to be squeegeed out during the squeegeeing process. This also insures the film will not be in contact with the frame which could cause the film to lift. The gap should be no larger than 1mm to 4mm.

Drying time

During the film installation, your Installer will remove as much of the installation fluid as possible, but a small amount will still remain. This may result in small water bubbles appearing and/ or a slightly cloudy view. This is normal and should be expected. Do not pierce the water bubbles during this drying period. This damage to the window film will not be covered by the warranty. The water bubbles and cloudy view will disappear over time.

Film type and climate conditions will determine the drying time you experience. Warm weather and direct sunlight will shorten the drying time, while cooler climates, cloudy conditions and thicker films may prolong it. Drying may vary from a few days to 6 months. The trapped moisture will dry out completely.


Do not clean the window film for 30 days after it is installed. This helps the installation fluid to dry which secures the special mounting adhesive to the glass.

Most glass cleaners will work well, although a good cleaning solution for window film is 30 millilitres of liquid dish soap added to 1 litre of fresh water.

Always use clean, soft materials to clean and dry the coated surfaces. A soft cloth or sponge is recommended for washing the window, followed by another soft cloth or rubber squeegee to dry the film. To avoid scratching the film, do not use bristle brushes or abrasive sponges. These materials can cause fine scratches on the surface of the window film and cause the polished layer of the film to deteriorate over time.

Any questions...

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your representative at SolarX Pty Ltd.

Record notes, installation details or verbal agreements on the estimate. This way, you and your representative will have an exact record of what has been agreed upon.

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