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Unmatched Innovation, Performance and Commitment

SolarX has been an accredited distributor, supplier and installer of 3M window films since 1983. We pride ourselves in our extensive experience with commercial window tinting and architectural finishes in Melbourne and Australia wide.

Over the years we have helped many families, businesses, builders and their clients with our large range of innovative and sustainable products. Our extensive knowledge of the industry enables us to find that perfect solution for each specific project. Because as we all know, not one home, business or design project is the same.

Meeting our customers’ real needs is our priority. We take the time to understand what you need and then find the solution fit for you. We take pride in our constant training and keeping up to date and investing in the latest technology and handing down the benefits to our customers.

Innovative Services Guaranteed

Our team of experts are committed to delivering high-quality solutions for commercial and residential properties. Our innovative approach we have taken with past and current projects testify to our expertise to cover projects such as municipal and government projects, hospitals, retirement homes, schools and universities, banks, high rise apartments, body corporate and facility management projects, retail, shops fronts, shopping centres, and various projects.

Aside from our solar control and privacy window film solutions, SolarX has also been trusted in providing top-of-the-line safety and security window films to keep your home, shop, office, and business safe.

Our anti-graffiti films technology protects your windows, shops fronts, glass doors and the like from scratches to your glass caused by vandalism, tagging, pets and other damage. Saving you the cost to replace your glass. All you need is the replace the film and your glass remains scratch free! A popular option for Metro trains, bus shelters, shop fronts and other public areas.

SolarX also offers customised vehicle wrapping. We can design a unique look to represent your business and allow you to colour your vehicle, and give it a head-turning look. Give your business added exposure and stand out from the crowd by giving your fleet vehicles a splash of colour using this clever way of advertising. Great for temporary advertising campaigns on hire vehicles or for long-term use on your company owned vehicles.

SolarX’s custom decorative vinyl and computer cut lettering and logo solutions can help you further enhance your company’s image. Get your message across and advertise your business successfully using this cost effective method.

When it comes to privacy for your home or office building, we can customise the design to suit your needs or you can have a quality plain frosted window film used in most domestic and commercial applications. With the endless options 3M offers, you can’t go wrong. 3M frosted film specified on a project? No problem! We are the preferred distributor of 3M films and ready to help.

The SolarX Family

Testimony to our reputation is our proven track record shown in the quality of our work, service and commitment for over 30 years. Through strong and long term relationships with our clients we continue to strive for new and innovative solutions. We care about helping you to meet your green star ratings, call us today for more information.

We aim to offer the full service by working with you for the entire project, giving needed advice along the way we can ensure that our clients get the best solution from the initial contact right through to the completed install.

Furthermore, we make sure that our highly-experienced team is always available to be give honest, helpful, up-to-date advice to architects, designers, project managers, builders, homeowners, and anyone who needs assistance with a project. We thrive on a challenge, and assisting you in finding that perfect fit for your need.

These people are part of the SolarX family so their growth and success matter to us, too.

SolarX offers protection, cost-effectiveness and energy-saving solutions that will last for years. Backed by manufactures warranty, our state-of-the-art equipment and highly-trained staff, you will surely get the best guidance, installation and resources regardless of how big the project or requirement is.

Allow us to make a big difference to your business or home. With SolarX, you can have it the way you imagined it.

About SolarX

SolarX was established in 1983 having a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer, they are a proud reputable distributor for 3M Australia and experts in supply and installation of window films in Australia.

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